The Best Ways to Become an Aircraft Mechanic in 2022

A career as an aviation mechanic can pay well. But, you’ll require concentration on details, extensive knowledge of planes, and most importantly, thorough training.

A high school degree or equivalent is required to work in the field of airplane mechanics. Additionally, you might require accreditation through an FAA-approved maintenance tech school to make a living from aircraft mechanics.

What Does An Aircraft Mechanic Do?

The airline industry is one of the most secure methods of transportation that are currently in operation for both military and commercial use. Depend on it for an efficient operation.

Due to the enormous demands for airline services, ensuring that the aircraft is properly maintained is vital. The requirement for aircraft mechanics is growing with time. The aviation mechanics will carry out periodic maintenance of all types of aircraft.

An aviation mechanic can identify aircraft dangers and conduct maintenance, repair, and repair on flying machines, like helicopters and airplanes. They ensure that all mechanical parts of the aircraft meet standards of safety as well as operating requirements. This is a complete list of the mechanic’s responsibilities:

Inspection of Aircraft Systems: Inspections of aircraft requires the examination of all the components of the aircraft. Aviation mechanics conduct regular checks to detect any flaws that could be present and to verify whether the aircraft can fly.

Diagnosis of Operational Issues

Conducting tests to discover the reason for an issue is an essential aspect of the work of a mechanic in an aircraft. They conduct tests on electrical systems, engines, safety devices, and any other element that make up an aircraft.

Measuring Aircraft Parts

This includes measuring the aircraft components with gauges and other instruments to measure the minor degrees of wear and corrosion as time passes.

Analyzing and studying instruction manuals

manuals for aircraft mechanics can also be used to understand specific equipment better and later used the manuals to resolve problems.

Cleaning Mechanical Parts

Aircraft mechanics boost the effectiveness they maintain by washing the inside and outside of their aircraft regularly. They maintain the mechanical components to ensure the plane is in top condition and reduce the chance of corrosion, rust, or chemical build-up.

Updating Maintenance Records

Thorough documentation is crucial in ensuring that you comply with industry standards and ensure that passengers are secure all day. Aviation mechanics are responsible for recording and tracking each aspect of their maintenance, repairs, and changes and how they impact the plane’s performance.

In the role of an air technician, let’s look at the mechanic responsible for the aircraft’s pay.

How Much Do Aircraft Mechanics Make?

Aircraft Mechanic Salary

The amount of money a mechanic earns for an aircraft is contingent upon many factors such as qualifications and specializations, certificates and location, the type of industry, and expertise. As of February 25, 2022, the median wage for mechanics on aircraft in the United States was $90,408, according to However, the range is usually from $78,760 to $101,915.

Suppose you’ve gotten to know the many roles a mechanic plays on an aircraft and the mechanic’s pay. In that case, you’ll realize that this is an excellent career to consider, and for those interested in aviation, you should pursue your passion. We’ll look at the qualifications needed to be an airplane mechanic and the steps to take to get there.

What Are the Qualifications for an Aircraft Mechanic?

Possessing the right mix of soft and technical skills is essential for a successful aviation technician. Gaining your skills in a couple of areas of expertise will aid in getting you ready for a profession as an air mechanic.

This is one of the essential capabilities you will require to be a mechanic for the aerospace industry.

Attention to detail

The mechanics of a tiny part could create significant issues for aircraft. Attention to detail aids mechanics in identifying things that aren’t working or are damaged. Therefore, mechanics for aircraft must pay special attention to minor particulars.


Aircraft mechanics use critical thinking, problem-solving, and troubleshooting techniques to identify the root of the mechanical problems in their automobiles. Troubleshooting requires logical thinking to consider every possible cause for the situation that happens in the airplane.


Repairing your aircraft can be physically strenuous and requires strength and endurance. The mechanics on aircraft can spend hours working on one repair; therefore, you should be able to focus and bear every discomfort that occurs until work is done.


Aircraft technicians use their ability to read when they are reading manuals, plans, and procedures for maintenance. Thus, the ability to comprehend and follow directions is necessary.


The future of an aviation mechanic depends on the collaboration and communication skills of engineers, pilots, and other techs. You must effectively communicate in writing to record the repairs you make in maintenance reports accurately.

How Do I Become An Aircraft Mechanic?

The work, an air mechanic, performs is exceptionally technological. To get the job, there are specific requirements that you must meet. The process of becoming air mechanics can be accomplished through various methods, such as formal education or experience in the field.

This is a step-by-step guide to becoming an air mechanic.

It is possible to apply to enroll in a technical school

Attending an accredited technical school with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) accreditation is the first step to attaining the required qualifications to pursue a career as an aviation mechanic.

You’ll be required to spend many hours in the Aviation Maintenance Technician School (AMTS) learning the fundamentals of aviation mechanics before moving to 750 hours of training in the airframe and powerplant.

You’ll learn the various components and elements that make the different types of aircraft work at technical schools before you can get a salary as an aviation mechanic.

Earn a high-school diploma or GED

Graduating high school is an essential requirement for becoming an aviation mechanic. To begin becoming a mechanic and earning a living as an air mechanic, you will require an officially recognized high school diploma or GED.

It is recommended to take optional classes in the field of aviation mechanics if it is possible. Science, engineering, math, and construction courses will help you establish solid academic foundations that will allow you to pursue a career as an aircraft mechanic.

Choose a specialization

Select the type of mechanic in aviation you’d like to be before you build your technical skills.

Aircraft mechanics can select from two sub-specialties recognized by the FAA: the airframe and the engine mechanic.

Airframe mechanics are responsible for designing and constructing aircraft and their interfacing systems. However, engine mechanics are accountable for the repair, construction, maintenance, and design of engines for aircraft and fuel systems.

So, you have to determine which option you like before you start to graduate and get a salary as an aviation mechanic.

The entire FAA certification test

After you’ve completed the required knowledge or training before being certified to earn money and work from home, you’ll need to prepare to pass the certification test consisting of written exams, oral interviews, and field tests.

Additionally, you will be required to demonstrate your skills and a face-to-face interview with a qualified examiner after passing the written test. The FAA website offers examples of tests and other sources you can utilize to prepare for the exam before taking your time.

Obtain inspection authorization

You can apply for inspection authorization with three years of experience as an aircraft mechanic. IA is the highest level professional certification for mechanics in the aviation industry.

IA-certified aviation mechanics can conduct FAA-mandated aircraft inspections, approve important repairs and operate repair shops. This means that you will earn a higher mechanic’s pay.


If you’re looking to become an aircraft mechanic, you can find a variety of schools offering programs in this area.

The instruction you will receive is comprehensive and will provide you with the knowledge you require to work on various types of aircraft. Aviation mechanics are in high demand, making this an excellent career option to think about.